Death of an Angus bull

I started this blog, in large part, to write of the painful experiences of country life, specifically in response to the death, two months ago, of my most beloved bull. Boxer Milner, our beautiful Charolais X Angus bull, named in honour of the memory of the great Aboriginal artist from Balgo. I’ve not yet been able to bring myself to do it…

And now, CeeBee, one of our Angus bulls, has died.  We’ve been treating him for the last two weeks but in the last few days he’d gone down hill very fast, very fast. My husband checked on him at dusk yesterday, he’d drunk some water and eaten some hay.

When I drove home late last night as soon as I saw his form in the headlights I knew that he was dead. His complete and ultimate stillness registered immediately and I knew he wasn’t breathing.  Our three orphaned calves were camped nearby…

I couldn’t bring myself to photograph him today. He was like a great fallen American bison, his chest and head still massive though his body was emaciated. His dignity had to be respected. So too, I couldn’t photograph his body being dragged away behind the ute to the gully of death.  Part of me wants to show the horror, to share my distress, so I’ve told you in words and spared you the worst.


The last photograph I took of CeeBee, two weeks ago, sick but we hoped he’d come back from the brink. Like Boxer, he was only six years old.

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