Said ‘Jimmy, don’t I know your name’

jimmy2 jimmy1

Just as some people in your life are special, so too some special people just happen to have four legs instead of two. Jimmy, named after my miss-hearing of the line in the Dylan song Tangled Up in Blue that really goes, “Said to me, ‘Don’t I know your name'”.

Jimmy lost his mum to a prolapsed uterus. So sad, she was lovely. His little bent ears tell you that he was born premature. He was very small.

Hand-rearing him was unalloyed joy. He was deeply affectionate. Always touching his face to yours. He’d stay very close, standing or sitting right next to you, happy to be stroked and petted.

He was always very serene. As a tiny cria, he’d move through the herd and everyone would pay their respects and make way for his progress. He was like a baby reincarnated High Lama. He brought peace and comfort wherever he went. On two different occasions, he went and sat right up close to and touching an alpaca who was dying. Here he is with Anniebelle on the day she died.

Jimmyand Anniebelle

Jimmy is still a special boy.  He’s three and a half now. Here he is yesterday, greeting my husband. It’s always like this, love all round.


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