Longhorn skull at school fete


I found this Longhorn skull with a bullet hole deeply disturbing for a school fete. Who would think this appropriate for children?

The alive Texas Longhorn is aptly named Solitaire. He spent one Saturday at the Scone Grammar School fete, at the entrance to the petting zoo. Guess his weight…

Of course, this poor animal’s skull becomes a parody of the RM Williams Longhorn logo, a decal of which is often sported across the back windows of utes, often with P plates, everywhere in the bush. Not that Longhorns themselves are often seen.

For many years, even through the drought, there was a pair of enormous and docile Longhorn steers in a paddock beside the Page River half way between Scone and Gundy. They weren’t Texas Longhorns, of course. One was a Santa Gertudis X  Shorthorn, the other was a Braford X. I always loved to see them. Always together, usually resting under an old white cedar tree.

They were old too, very old. Bovine Methuselahs. Their horns had grown so long that they were too wide to fit on a cattle truck.  So they’d lived for decades. Then one day, five or so years ago, they were just gone.  Apparently, some drovers had been walking a mob of cattle to the Scone sale yards, old school and a rare thing today. As they passed by, the owner  asked them to take the longhorns with them. And so they were walked to the abattoir in town.

I can’t drive past their empty paddock without seeing them still.


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