When the humans and the dog are away…

We’ve been away from the farm for 17 days, only got home late the other night. The next morning I found only 4mm of rain in the gauge; and I found this.


I know who’s been on my front step while I’ve been away.


I know who’s been sleeping in the garden, next to my front step.


Here he is.  The wallaroo with the torn ear.

These two photos are from 2009 when he took to sheltering here during a season of heavy rain.  He’s been around for many years but I haven’t seen him for a while. Yesterday he was in the Stud Paddock, behind the house. But I know where he’s been while we’ve been away!


Wallaroos are very strong, heavy and muscular. Unlike Eastern Grey Kangaroos who are usually in mobs, wallaroos are usually alone, like this solitary male who is so easy to recognise. I’m glad he’s back. I wonder where he’s been for so long.

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2 Responses to When the humans and the dog are away…

  1. mo says:

    Very cool! Here in the states the only place we see Kangaroos are at the zoo! In my area we see Raccoons, Opposum,Deeer and rabbits. I’d faint if I saw a kangaroo in my yard! Thanks for another lovely read.

  2. Thank you Mo, roos sound great too. I had one thump past me the other day. I felt it long before I saw it. We have possums, rabbits too, and I’ve seen a feral deer once but no chance of a raccoon. They must be lovely!

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