This is Buddy. He is well named. He was my Dad’s horse and he used to follow Dad everywhere. Dad would be working in the shed and there would be Buddy standing right next to him.

Buddy is an Australian Stock Horse. This being the horse capital of Australia, the world head quarters of the Australian Stock Horse Society is here in Scone. The genesis of the Australian stock horse (and also the Waler, of course) is the herd of nine horses on the First Fleet that invaded Australia in 1788. That, and the early 19th century colonial mix of imported horses of diverse breeds. When the Australian Stock Horse Society was formed in 1971, the majority of horses in the studbook were Walers.

Before Dad died he gave Buddy to my niece. He now lives far away from here, on the farm of the family of her ex-boyfriend.

I miss him. I wish he were here at home.


My niece, who is studying in the USA all this year, has just corrected me.  She has left Buddy at the farm of her uncle and aunt at Armidale, three hours north of Gundy.

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2 Responses to Buddy

  1. He is handsome, can’t beat an Aussie Stock Horse can you?!

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