It never looks right when something is wrong

brown girl1

On Saturday afternoon I looked up the hill behind the house and saw this.

brown girl2

When someone is dead you know immediately. Death is unlike anything else.

Sometimes animals lie very still, and even as you ask yourself the question “is that animal dead?”, you know it isn’t.  Because when it is dead you know straight away, no question is needed… Death always looks wrong.

brown girl

She was a young adult. I don’t know why she died. Poor little girl. No outward sign. No sign of a struggle. Just dead. She was still warm when I felt between her tummy and her thigh. A mystery. We all hang by the life-thread of the Fates…

We left her on the hill overnight so that all of the female herd could register her death. On Sunday morning my husband took her up the valley to the gully where we place our dead. He always lays them out as if they were running.

It’s not often we have a completely unexplained death.  But it happens more often than we’d like. None would be good.

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