Quadruplet lambs

lambs1 lambs5lambs2 lambs6
lambs4 lambs3
lambs8 lambs7

Lovely, lovely baby lambs with fleece as white as snow. On a small acreage fronting the road from Gundy to Scone, a flock of seven ewes have 16 lambs between them. Two sets of twins, two sets of triplets and one rare and delightful set of quadruplets. The youngest ewe had her first lamb, just the one, and the final tiny lamb making up the total is actually the only survivor of a third set of triplets.

Since sheep have only two teats, the mum with four babes is always the centre of a rolling scrum of hungry lambs. It’s very cute.

I couldn’t resist posting all these photos. They are small but you can click on them to make them bigger.

Of course, this is not a happily ever after story. It’s easy to forget the fate of these little lambs in the excitement of the joy they bring. Even I forgot, for a while…

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