Echidna dreaming


Watch out Ellie, leave the sleeping echidna alone!

Yesterday morning, while looking for a missing calf, my husband came across this echidna who was breakfasting on ants at the time. The echidna was digging the ground with its front claws, sending ants streaming from their nest. The ants were all over its nose and it was licking them up.

In the afternoon we went back together to see if we could find the echidna again.  We found him or her nearby, curled up and fast asleep. Its spines were slowly moving in and out with each breath. I’m sure it was dreaming!  The pattern of its breathing became irregular every now and then, just like Ellie’s does when she dreams her doggie dreams. We sat down for a while and just watched it sleeping.


When we came back a little while later, after watching a goanna climb a tree not far away, the echidna was awake and just heading off.


We settled down to watch it again but when Ellie approached, it rolled into its defensive position. So we called the dog away and left the echidna in peace.


I found the missing calf later in the afternoon. She’d gone through the fence and was in a different paddock to her mum. Neither were concerned, she was only missing to us. Her mum knew where she was and the calf pushed its own way back through the fence at the end of the day.

By the way, here’s that goanna.


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2 Responses to Echidna dreaming

  1. No wonder people are jealous of where we live, Australia has awesome wildlife!

  2. Thanks Jess! We are lucky; and none of them can eat us. At least not on land! They might kill us with their venom, or rip our guts out with the claws on their incredibly strong back legs – if we were foolish enough to provoke or corner them.

    I’ve often thought of that last one all the times my husband has been pulling our dogs away from a huge kangaroo they’ve had bailed up in some fence corner. Luckily he only suffered torn shirts!

    Other places have spectacular wildlife too, but way more dangerous to be around. As I walk around through all the long wire and spear grass, I think of Karen Blixen’s life and her line “I had a farm in Africa…” (I hear it in my head as spoken by Meryl Streep!) I wonder what it would be like to have to watch out for lions!

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