Everything alive is fragile


I know this to be true. Everything alive is fragile. Extremely fragile.

This beautiful young female kangaroo dropped dead, from fright, last Monday morning. She was with her mother when Ellie started chasing their mob. In the confusion of the mob scattering, she was separated from her mother and the dog caught up with her.  She turned and when she came face to face with Ellie, the little kangaroo went up on her back legs and stood her ground. Ellie barked and barked at her, right in front of her, right in her face.

Within seconds, she fell down dead.  She just dropped to the ground. My husband saw it happen and as he ran to her, the wind ruffled her ears and her fur and he thought she was just in shock. There was not a mark on her. Ellie had not touched her. A heart attack?  Whatever it was, death was instantaneous. The dog sniffed at the motionless kangaroo and lost all interest in her. The game was over.

Ellie chases roos. We thought it was harmless exercise because one dog on its own is hard pressed to catch a roo. But we were wrong. Kangaroos are still vulnerable. And we are responsible for them. We can’t keep Ellie chained up and roos are everywhere.

My husband was very distressed. It was horrible for him. He put her in the back of the mule to take to the gully of death but then decided to put her back where she died, so that her mother and her mob could find her.  Less than a week later, there is very little left of her body. Nature quickly takes care of dead things. Poor little life.


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