Dogs on the Backs of Utes 8


Meet Willis.

He’s a happy dog, just look at that smiling, heart-shaped face!

Here he is, on his bed in the back of the ute. This is where here’s living for the moment, while his owner paints one of the churches at Moonan Flat. His owner is staying at the pub, the Victoria Hotel, famous across the Upper Hunter and beyond. And Willis is sleeping in the ute. But he’s quite comfy and cosy.


When I first met Willis, he was chained up to the ute by a long chain and acting pretty territorial about it. I gave him a wide berth, taking his barking as serious communication. Later, when he was settled in the back, we were able to make friends.

His owner laughed when I said I’d been a bit wary of him. “He’s a marshmallow”, he said. And it’s true, he is. He just looks like a bovver boy with that chain collar and padlock.


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