Small miracles 2




Saved from a kitchen sink full of hot sudsy waster, this plump and pretty Hawk Moth spent several minutes on my hand drying out in the sun. It fluttered its wings to aid the process, before taking off across the garden.

It had flopped into my sink while I was washing up and had flipped over on to its back. Its wings were totally soaked, leaving a trail of moth dust in their wake as it struggled to escape.

As you can see, its forewings are brown on the top and red underneath and its hindwings are the opposite. I’ve never noticed that before and, in fact, when they are not flying the red hindwings are quite tucked away under the brown forewings.

So it was a lucky day for the moth. I was just happy to save its life, let alone to be rewarded with a such a close look at its lovely wings.

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