The Woop Woop March on horseback


Woop Woop is an Australian colloquialism that means the middle of nowhere. The equestrian protesters called the Franklin Horses are also using woop woop as a rallying cry.

They are riding 1300km from Grafton, on The Clarence in Northern NSW, to Parliament House in Canberra to protest against Coal Seam Gas and fracking. They are carrying this important message to the Commonwealth Government: “Clean Water is our most valuable resource”.

On 23 October 2013 I met the Woop Woop March on its way between Gundy and Aberdeen, on the road alongside Arrowfield Thoroughbred Stud. The horses and riders had enjoyed the Isis River the previous day before spending the night at Gundy. And everyone was looking forward to a few days rest at Aberdeen.

I’ve been following their journey on their facebook page, The Woop Woop March. Long detours around recent bushfires mean they now expect to be at Parliament House on 3 December 2013,  74 days after leaving Grafton, which is near their home at Glenugie.

They say that in the bush up that way they don’t call out Cooee, they call out Woop Woop. So if they pass your way please give them a big Woop Woop!





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