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Good things to end the year

Despite carrying my camera with me all the time, I have some stories for which I have no images. So I thought I’d end the year with a few of the recent ones that have made my heart full and … Continue reading

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It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it

This is Puss. She and I are great friends, always happy to see each other.  As resident cat at one of the four rural supply stores in Scone, her job is rodent control. It is a big job in a … Continue reading

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Addio boots

The time has come to throw away my Dad’s old boots. It’s sad but it’s time. When I recently bought my lovely new boots, I said I’d keep my old ones for wet weather, something that we’d not had for … Continue reading

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Baiame – The Maker of All Things

Awesome is an overused word. It is also a misused one. But in relation to this rock painting of the creator being Baiame, it is the only appropriate word. Awesome, in its true sense. Baiame is the creator spirit of … Continue reading

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Dogs on the Backs of Utes 11

This is Miley and Thunder. Thunder is a Neopolitan Mastiff puppy. On this day he’d just had his vaccination shots. He was very good at the vet’s. Beautiful Miley, like most dogs on the backs of utes, was very concerned … Continue reading

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Further tips for rearing poddy calves

The day the fresh came down Lagoon Creek, we found a calf sleeping next to his dead mother. It was impossible to tell why she died. There were no marks on the damp ground, no signs of a struggle. Though … Continue reading

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Mare and Foal

Life-size and perfectly observed, this beautiful work of art has been the symbol of the town of Scone since 1982. Although it promotes the town’s concept of itself as the Horse Capital of Australia, it is graceful and tender, gentle … Continue reading

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