Dogs on the Backs of Utes 10



I followed this ute full of dogs for a couple of kilometres one morning while driving in Alice Springs last September. I followed it right into its carport! There I met the driver who had being wondering who it was tailing her.

Crystal Sinclair runs K9 Adventures Dog Walking and these are some of her K9s, all safely secured to the tie downs in the tray of the ute.

Just like the human population of Alice Springs, the dogs are originally from all sorts of different places. The German Shepherd had recently moved to Alice from Tasmania, a big change of climate that meant his fur was now insulation against heat instead of cold. One of the dogs had been a camp dog at the Aboriginal community of Ernabella in South Australia, and one had lived at Yuendamu in the Northern Territory, so they’ve only everย  known Central Australian conditions. The little black dog was from New South Wales.

But there weren’t just four dogs in the ute…


There was another travelling in comfort in the cab.

I highly recommend all dog lovers to check out their amazing K9 adventures in the heart of the desert on facebook. I know you will never see photos of happier dogs. On their adventures they are ecstaticly free to be their most true selves. Crystal takes her packs to spectacular places in the MacDonnell Ranges around Alice. They carry their own water in back packs and one carries a ‘doggie-cam’ on his back. I know you’ll love the photos and if you look closely you’ll see these very dogs. They’ll make you want to go to Alice Springs!

Next time I’m in Alice, I hope I can run free with Crystal’s pack of lovely, happy dogs. In the shadow of Alhekulyele, the Arrernte name for Mt Gillen, which was created by the Dingo ancestor and whose nose is the tip of the mountain still.

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2 Responses to Dogs on the Backs of Utes 10

  1. Crystal Sinclair says:

    Hey Hey, found your page earlier but missed the picture of the ute ๐Ÿ™‚ glad I was fumbling around the internet looking at how to fit more dogs into the ute ๐Ÿ™‚ It was a pleasure to meet you that morning. Now days I have up to 16 dogs in the ute, and have a canopy/roof over the tray now. Charlie the Ute still has the much added character of drool and dust, so should be easy to spot me when I’m darting about. If we do spot each other again wave me down ๐Ÿ™‚
    Cheers, Crystal

    • Sixteen! And all as happy as dogs can be, I’m sure ๐Ÿ™‚
      So lovely to get your comment Crystal! I usually only get to Alice Springs once a year, but I’ll keep my eyes open for you and your ute full of K9s. Last time I was in Alice I went for the first time to the clay pans with friends and their two dogs. What fun! Only a few muddy puddles then but enough for the dogs to enjoy. I’ve since seen photos of them swimming in huge stretches of water at the clay pans. That night we had a picnic under the full moon – Alice magic!
      Thanks so much for getting in touch.
      All the best,

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