Mare and Foal


Life-size and perfectly observed, this beautiful work of art has been the symbol of the town of Scone since 1982.

Although it promotes the town’s concept of itself as the Horse Capital of Australia, it is graceful and tender, gentle and universal. It neighs softly of love more than of anything else.

The artist is Gabriel Sterk (born 1942). He was born in the Netherlands but grew up in Australia.  He lives in France now but his studio was in Adelaide at the time. He cast this work himself, being a sculptor who is also his own founder.


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3 Responses to Mare and Foal

  1. Ah, you’ve brought back some memories for me! I have a photo of me as a 10 year old riding this statue! My brother had just dyed his hair black and got pooped on by a bird.. Memories. Haha!

  2. That’s lovely Jess! Funny the things that stay with you! Yes, the statue’s very popular with kids for climbing on. As you can see the foal’s back is very well rubbed. It all adds to the patina!

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