Making a hole in the river bed


Last Thursday we got an excavator in to dig a hole in the almost dry river bed.

The before and after photos show how bad it was.  The new water hole for our intake valve means that we can now pump water again. Into a tank on the hill, from where gravity fills the water troughs for the stock. It was lovely to see the fresh clean water filter out of the gravel and into the hole. I drank some, I couldn’t resist. I was just lucky I didn’t get sick!

Ellie went straight in the new ‘swimming hole’. It was crazy for her to be near the earthmover, I know…I really should have put her on the chain. Next time I will, but I hope we don’t have a next time for many years…









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2 Responses to Making a hole in the river bed

  1. Maria M says:

    Amazing for me to read about your efforts to bring water into your area, while here in Ireland the fields are sinking under water due to a very wet winter. (Your Ellie reminds me of ours, who loves to roll and scratch her back in the same manner.)

  2. Thank you for your comment Maria, yes, too much or not enough water!
    We depend on Summer rain here, spin off from the monsoonal top end of Australia but it just hasn’t happened this year. I truly hope it’s still to come…

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