Jacky dragon


I hear her more often than I see her. This pretty little Jacky dragon who lives in the garden at the side of my house, near my clothes line. When I go to hang out the washing she usually dives for cover, rustling about out of sight. This day she just continued to sun herself, letting me admire her delicate scale patterns and the tiny crests that run down her spine and the sides of her body.

I think she’s a girl because of her dainty head. Boy Jacky dragons have conspiculously bigger heads and though I’ve never seen both sexes at the same time to compare directly, to me she looks like a girl! I have a friend who will tell me if I’ve got it wrong.

The loveliest encounter we’ve had was when I found her balancing on the flowers of the lavender bush that grows next to her rock. She was spread across the very tops of a number of them, and as she danced over them she was as light and nimble as a tightrope walker in a circus.  And although I had my camera with me I was so surprised and enchanted, that I didn’t want to risk disturbing her by turning it on.


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