Swimming in Milk


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This morning I found this lovely green frog swimming in one of the poddy calf feeders.

I was just about to put the teat in Paddy’s mouth when I saw a dark shape moving around inside the bottle. I took off the pink lid and there he was, looking up at me. I begged his indulgence, and I went and got my camera. I tilted the bottle and he climbed out and onto my hand. I was surprised to find he was warm! Warmed by his bath in calf milk replacer!

My husband had the same experience a couple of weeks ago while I was away. He tipped the milk, and frog, out of the bottle and back into the bucket. Then fished the frog out. No pictures.

The drought has broken. We’ve had just over 5 inches of rain (180mm) in five weeks. Saved. All of us, everyone.

The most notable new sign of animal life is the frogs. The tiny fellow below appeared the very first day we had rain, swimming in the dog’s water bowl. You can see the dead brown grass. I guess he grew from a tadpole in the water trough down at the cattle yards. But I was amazed,  he must have traveled hundreds of metres to end up outside my backdoor.


I’ve been wrangling frogs in the house ever since. Here are just some of my favourites. The first one I found in the bucket used to mix up the calves milk. The last is the biggest frog I’ve ever seen. He was like an amphibian Sumo wrestler! I had to get a ladder to get him down off the wall.

I’ve been woken up by frogs at night in my kitchen. I make sure I find them all because it is always horrible to come across their desiccated bodies covered in dust behind the fridge.

DSCF5186 DSCF5141  DSCF5188 DSCF5139_2

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