World’s greatest letter box

At Deepwater, south of Tenterfield, New South Wales. It must be the only letter box with its own visitors book! I wish it were mine…






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12 Responses to World’s greatest letter box

  1. habibilamour says:

    AWESOME! Where is Tenterfield? I live in South East Queensland.

  2. Yes, it is awesome! I’m so glad you like it!
    Tenterfield is on the New England Hwy, 200 km south of Toowoomba and 275km from Brisbane. The dalek, whose name is Dwater, is a little way north of the village of Deepwater which is 50km south of Tenterfield.

  3. Keith says:

    Drove by last week on route from Sydney, couldn’t believe my eyes, had to turn round to look. Amazing, well done. Does it light up at night?

  4. sue says:

    Does anyone know if this is still at Deepwater

    • Thank you for your question.
      The last time I looked it was still there!
      I drove passed at the end of January this year.
      It’s always a thrill to see it!
      Hope you find yourself up that way soon.

  5. sue says:

    I just rang Deepwater Post Office and it has been sold. If anyone knows where it is I’d love to know.

    • Thanks for the update Sue, but that’s sad news indeed.
      It’s upsetting to think of Dwater not being there anymore. Selling him seems a bit heartless.
      That Dalek was a much loved landmark that will be greatly missed by all who travel the New England Highway.

  6. Annice Payne says:

    hi just letting you know there is a Tardis living at Toowoomba QLD as you leave Toowoomba to go to Warwick its on your left, you have to come to Warwick past the Kmart to see it

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