Dogs on the Backs of Utes 18 – Vale Mary

Terrible things happen on farms.

I took these photos of my neighbour’s dog Mary, with her pup, on the back of his ute six weeks ago.

Two weeks ago, Mary was killed by one of our cows. It was horrible.

It happened while she was helping my neighbour move our herd. He heard her yelp but by the time he got to her, Mary was dead. There was not a mark on her. My neighbour didn’t see exactly what happened in the long grass but he did see which cow it was that killed her. He thinks she must have been kicked in the heart.

It’s easy to forget how dangerous cattle work can be. And how fast bad things can happen.



Lovely Mary. So sad.

Mary’s pup is a fine handsome boy. He’s six months old but he doesn’t have a name. My neighbour just calls him the pup. His litter mates have all found homes in the district, working dogs all, except for one of the bitches.



When he was younger, the pup used to ride in the cabin rather than on the back of the ute. Here he is, at the end of February.

DSCF5185 DSCF5183


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2 Responses to Dogs on the Backs of Utes 18 – Vale Mary

  1. Michael J.Cone. says:

    Sad story, lovely pics..Without working dogs graziers herding sheep and cattle would find it near impossible to survive or make ends meet. Dogs, too, are such wonderful ‘mates’, guards,entertainers and critturs that ask little in return for their efforts on our behalf. Can be frustrating though…I remember our old sheep dog (Kelpie) ‘Peter” who with ‘Snip’ would only have to be asked with a vocal..’Git away back!’ and they would bring in a mob of sheep in no time…if they were in the mood…I remember my father’s angst when ‘Pete felt he had done his share and would go and lie in Rowlands Gully (Woolooma) until it suited him while Dad raved on…..

    • Thank you for your lovely comment! It’s a great story. I can just imagine your dog Peter heading off when he thought he’d done enough! Our dogs certainly live on in our hearts always. We are so lucky to have these canine friends.

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